Thursday, May 3, 2012

A hopeful finish

Eleven hours sleep right on through unheard thunder storms. I must have really worn myself out yesterday. Up an at them again today going to try and finish all that we didn’t get done yesterday. The ladies have been given additional grass. They’ll eventually figure it out and find it. (grin) Need to engage the loader-backhoe in two more tasks hoping a weak hydraulic hose holds it fluid. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Once the day did get underway Fillip assisting we took up one of the hay-yard fences giving it to the ladies. Yes they did, the ladies had finally found the hay-yard open for their appetites perusal. Next, Fillip and I went straight to work finishing up the new fencing we had worked so long and hard at for the last mixed up few days. Here’s an after shot all our clearing labors: Photobucket Remarkably it’s ready for the ladies grazing pleasures when required. In that elongated bit of somewhat grassy area we’ve still some more clean-up to do. A couple brush pile fires to set and watch, a slew of lengthy cuts of cord wood requiring re-whittling to stove sized pieces. But alas these last requirements may be hangled during spare moments in time when out attentions are not required elsewhere. Even during mid afternoon we broke away for a quick trip over into Otisville for a burn permit, some meds, milk, and truck parts. Haaa! We got our meds, gasoline for Ugly truck, found the TWP offices closed long before their posted closing time (shame on them) for a burn permit, and the auto parts store will have in by morning product what they should have had on the self in the first place. So, we managed to complete two and one half stops out of a possible four. I should send somebody a fuel bill for my wasted travel time! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Weather threatening Fillip finishing our last survey of the next and last available pasturing we got in just ten minutes before the clouds darken our skies and poured tons of rain water all over us. The barnyard creek ought to be running water full once again come morning. Lollipops

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