Sunday, May 6, 2012

Where to begin?

Brightly awakened, the boss lady was making an announcement, “I’m was taking a shower.” “Ugh?” I asked. Uh ugh, She’d been making mention several mentions we’re to begin times this week I was taking her out for a Mother’s Day morning breakfast, more specifically over to the Clio Catholic Church Fellowship Hall. Okay she was showering. Oh yeah, I’d been told she’d gotten me out some clean clothes for this morning’s excursion. So, myself cleaned up, dressed in my cleanest finery (bibs and tucker). I stepped out of the house heading down to the barn t see to a cow and calf pair (I believe I explained them in my last journal entry), and of course to feed the cats. On my way I spied a distressed cow (960), with her hungry calf beside her, laying down in the deepest wettest mud near the ladies water fountain. The other animals taken care of I approached her. All the critter who had been either near bu or keeping her company moved away with my approaching presents. Changing my work boots for chore boots I approached her, but a foot on her rump and gave her derriere a couple of leaned on pushes. She stirred got up and with a disgruntled attitude and fire in her eyes charged me head on buting me maybe twice knocking me down in the same mud she’d been laying in. Whoopee, just freaking whoopee, clean clothing on to squire my lady to a Belgian waffle wit strawberries breakfast. She already knew what she wanted! I visioned my back side plastered in black caked on wet mud. Ornery (960) had dually let me know she didn’t appreciate my bothering her. Well, truth be known I wasn’t any to happy with having t deal with her either. A cell call to Bro’ he’d be along Shortly. Meanwhile I turned the ladies out on to right-o-way fillip and I had so diligently worked on preparing that area for them. Of-course that hadn’t been the smoothest transitional move for some time. Pressured I didn’t dwell up on it. My thought I’d let those what moved wrong could figure it out in my later absence. A calf having died shortly after birth’s the last two days, their mother’s candidates for a later road trip to the livestock exchange. I put them in the loader-backhoe material bucket. Keith joining me, a halter on (960) he leading, my reserved position encouraging her rear we finaly got her in to the chute. The calf our second required guest finally came in (went in) along with the second cow’s mourning her calf’s loss (yesterday). (960) treated and released into a sick-bayy area we turned our attentions toward the ignored calf and the mourning cow caught up together. Confining the pair in a much smaller confining’ area Keith succeeded to get the cow to accept this hungry calf’s nursing. Keeping the pair locked up for a few days will surely help them bond. Something both these critters badly need right now. As for (960), she’s suffering mastitis in one quarter her udder making her one of the two candidates getting a free ticket to the livestock exchange later. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The drive for MD breakfast on the road an hour and a half later than I had planned was a pleasant drive keeping my lady happy. Upon our return I had other things to do. Another flat tire replacement need. Coupling more implements with their proper tractors. And immediately pressing getting on down the road for yesterday’s hay cut baled and wrapped today. “Twas another beautifully fun filled day in Shorthorn country. More than reasonably tired by the 7:00PM time we got in I’ fed by now and more than reay for collecting some zzzzzzzzzzz’s. Lollipops Fernan

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