Thursday, May 17, 2012

5-16-2012 Haying season’s upon us.

Yeah-yeah, I had written After I’d finished the rye I’d wait another week ‘fore cutting any further hay. Well, we took a hard look at the most impressive alfalfa field we’d had in years. Today it looked as though it was being smothered under grass. Checking the weather reports the meteor-ill-logical guessers predicted a slew a days continually warming weather through next Sunday. I commenced to cut shortly after dinner. About halfway through the two-thirds the field I had cut a great big fat woodchuck. I had sure had the wanting to fillet that hay field gargantuan hole digger. I’ve seen holes so large a tractor and baler could have gotten lost falling into one of them. (Would I lie?) Whelp, before I had gotten to making more hay Fillip and I had finished preparing the 4-180 While tractor for field work, even to delivering on site. For more needs Fillip filled the Ugly truck’s diesel fuel supply tank for field fill-ups. Even used it preparing the Tall Ollie for more green hay bale making over one of the next two days. The idea is to cut all that grass off the alfalfa to give the hopeful crop under neither a new Spring chance to grow. Whew, only time will tell now. Shall we see unhindered that original planting spring up again. I could be a mirical is in the making if this field services two false Spring starts to have been frozen out by two stints of extremely hard frosts. I’ve no idea why Michigan needs so damned many gambling casino’s, really. Every farmer in my neighborhood is a diehard gambler, all his own. I often wonder just how many of the nation’s populace really has any sense of appreciation what a farmer gambles year after year to make a living for himself while trying to feed his city cousins. “Rainbows.” Fernan

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