Monday, May 14, 2012

5-13-2012 Mother’s Day

Circumstances such they had developed I just reluctantly managed to get out of taking Herr Clink out for another Mother’s Day breakfast. The ladies bawling their heads off required a pasture change. A lot of good it’ll do. They’ve eaten everything down to a nubbin around all the available pastures once already. Come on, grasses grow. The ladies are on their second pasture go around’s and haying, an honest to goodness haying, is still at least a couple weeks off. I write this for I usually hay off all the remaining pastures for hay fields before turning them over for the ladies grazing’s. Meanwhile the weather guesser’s have all changed their minds as to what our weather’s going to be for this next week. The call now is for five/six loosely rain free days. Still the Winter rye so far out of the boot is beyond early nutrition’s best. So, while it is a pleasant day today I might just as well wait another day to let some of these recent rains to both dry some and sink some further into the earth. Motive, avoiding tractor sticking (stuck) sinking mud. While this household’s Mom received a visit and some phone calls from some our offspring I snuck out and went to mowing our yard. Good grief some of it was well over my knee. The grasses so tall I imagined myself breaking trails through ancient jungle undergrowth. (grin) Frieda’s tried taking some acceptable pictures of me. My checking them out over lunch my desired mark had been missed again. The only one or two what might have been acceptable I had forgotten to take my sun glasses off. (grrrr-up) One more E-camera outing for more pictures. I do believe we’d almost gotten it right this supposedly last time. At least I selected what I thought was the best one, cropped it, and E-mailed it off. Hopefully it’ll suffice to complete the book’s back cover. My last accomplishment for the day the yard the house side of the driveway is mowed. Not trimmed yet mowed. The machines put away I was ready for supper, I ate heartily, then skipping this writing’s completion, exhausted I went straight to bed and slept soundly for several hours. ‘Tis either late or early morning, unable to make up my mind, my being up for one of five water hauls, but completing it I’m now doing. “Rainbows.” Fernan

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