Saturday, May 26, 2012

been awhile

I don’t know about catching up with my daily activities over the last five days. It’s Saturday and we’ve quit early for a change. Truth is I’m tired. I mean real tired. The last six days hav been long ones, eat, sleep, hay, and machinery repair. Even now while I’m trying to write this I’d rather be napping. So this is the way it has been; cut, bale, haul in, wrapping some green and stowing away some dry. So we’re all alive and well around here. There’s even been a four cattle running them through the chutes. Have enjoyed watching nature’s leafing out, flowers blooming, animals doing funny thinks. Seen turkey, fox, ground hogs, deer, buzzards, hawks, geese, ducks, and more over head and under foot. Maybe pictures another day. Meanwhile. “Rainbows.” Fernan

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Paula said...

Take care and don't work so hard Fernan.