Tuesday, May 1, 2012

What plans?

Yup, I had a plan for today. It was a good one too. I had visioned Fillip and myself finishing up the fence line clearing. Wrong-o, Was called upon to grind feed that chore taking president over my forestation clearing. The closest we got to working on fence was putting the fixed tire back on the Ford loader-hoe. No new calves born today. (sniff) Any afternoon chance I had of working out my plans was interrupted with another call to tractor, picckup a spreader load of fertilizer, and spread it. By the time I had finished all those intervening farm necessities it was getting close to supper time. The closest I got to even one of my off-handed wants the little Ford and myself back-bladed some of the ridges left a-side some leftover Winter driven pasture ruts. Here it is evening and I’m just as tired as if I had done what I had wanted to do with my day. Oh well, as always what I didn’t get to today will still be there for doing tomorrow. Lollipops Fernan

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