Monday, May 21, 2012

5-20-2012 Sunday’s rest

But there’ll be none for this old man! Now let me ‘splain. Bro’ under Keith’s influence had decided to run all, and I mean all, ladies and girls on all three farms through the chutes and head gates yesterday. Every one of them was fly tagged and wormed. One female was treated for ringworm and two females were treated for warts. Might be I shouldn’t have given a toad a second look a couple days ago. Does this go to show ya? Not all this activity all that difficult really but for myself all this activity had about worn me down to a knobben. 4:00PM I had hit my physical wall. Why I had even started my parts of the round ups sitting on the Cushman all three farm yards. Well his covers my adventure for all of yesterday. Now on to today. Sure felt good getting in at an early ten to 7:00PM. Finally fed some where’s around 8:00 I was in daylight bed by 8:30PM. Occasioned two side matters yesterday I was delegated to make two fence fixings, one good, the other not so good. The last one I must do over today. And along with it I’m delegated at least two, maybe three gate up in the barn. Then when thes little trivial’s are taken car of I must bale a field of stubborn hay before the rains come. If there’s anything I hate it’s boredumb*. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ BULLETIN: Whilst busy baling hay today I saw a Monarch butterfly. Already? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Did the usual chores checking animals, fences, and other things to open the start of the day. Breakfast late on-account of an extra early interruption I had finally got to baling the last of the last cutting’s hay just short our customary dinner hour. Going at it I baled the hay towards the back of the field while Fillip was supposed to rake all the heavier up front hay. While I had gone to my part of the day’s baling Fillip having a bit of a problem with his end, he gave up his seat to Tom. It well into the evening twilight zone I wheel my 1850 Tall Ollie into the home drive at about 8:15PM followed with dark some 15 minutes later. Taking my meds in the field earlier I was ready for supper. Fillip charcoaled a pizza. I choose to let him have the whole thing. I settled for a can of hot tamales, a glass of milk and some cookies, all while I was sitting against a large icepack. Supper eatened, I was readily ready an immediate bedtime laying it all out wanting to put it down. I was totally pooped. “Rainbows.” Fernan

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