Monday, May 7, 2012


Was a slow day, encouraged by liquid sunshine falling all over us. Cheese”N”crackers, I slept in at least an hour’n’half this morning. Yesterday’s long trying day must have made me do it. (grin) Cow 960 died this afternoon. Luckily her calf has taken to a new surrogate mother. The rain coming down, the low prssure system hanging over our head giving Fillip a headache, it allso made me just plain ache all over. Time for a drive. Fillip and set driving NE for a burn permit, some grocery specials, a milk and medication stop, and plastic gauge for checking the Greeny’s new engine bearings. This was the first all around successful shopping trip I can’t remember when I’d had the last one? Weather beatened and tired, any more material I may have wanted to add to this will have to wait. Nite! Lollipops Fernan

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