Thursday, May 17, 2012

Dumpy’s attention

I’m so tired, hitting my wall as I usually do, I’ve come in with a backache. So I take my seat and lean my spine into an icepack to relieve some of the accumulated inflammation hurting me. First shot out of the driveway took us over to the Sixguy’s Farm for a load of shelled corn. A trip around the block for a weigh slip we were back home in time for lunce. Backing the truck and time up to 5:00AM long lost grandson Scott breezed in. Been a long time since we’d seen him last. He was a welcomed sight all around for us. After dinner taking Scott with us Fillip and I did attack the Dumpy truck showing it no mercy removing the hood, front fenders and the grill. Late afternoon it was we wrapped up our labors. None to soon. My back was shot. And, unlike yesterday’s adventure my right ankle going out, today to be different my left knee near to let me down. It’s becoming habit my carrying my canes with whether I immediately need them or not. No better than my nerves are telegraphing any messages as to what may happen next to my brain it seems I can’t travel without them. Rainbows Fernan

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Paula said...

It is always nice to have a grandson breeze in. don't forget to carry your canes. You don't need a broken hip to slow you down.