Saturday, May 5, 2012


Yeycks some of my nerves have seemed to start some lives of lively actions of their own. For the last few days I’ve been experiencing some fluttering jeelings around about my middles waist area. Some times almost ticklish, most of the time annoying. Frieda says, “You hungry.” So I eat. Says-shisooks, If I do all this feasting to keep my middles nerves pacified I’ll once more grow out of my boyish figure. I don’t want to lose the excesses I’ve already lost. I’ve lost? Both of us ever since Fillip’s rejoined our family household. With his muscle its been much more fun taking on some them old tasks that had, (shall I put it this way?), I out grown. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ It is feeling way past my bed time. Really! What we did today was finish greasing and air the tires onn the Shultz Oliver. Then we brought out the hay wrapper for servicing, more grease and air to put it back-out into the hay-yard for tomorrow’s first wrapped green cutting. When we should have been caught-up Bro’ had goofed and broadcast the first cutting rather than windrowing it. So when it was our time to go home, it was liking fat chance our getting into house. Fllip helped me service and hook up the AC hay-rake before he made for the house and making supper. Meanwhile aboard the WD45 with AC rake attached I went down the road to rake our 1st cutting hay. Tomorrow I’ll likely bale it and we’ll wrap it. Tomorrow’s going to be busy. I’ve got to officiate a Shorthorn country funeral, give the ladies new pasture, and take Herr Clink to church for a Mother’s Day breakfast. How do I manage to get myself into these fixes? Lollipops Fernan

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Paula said...

You are a good husband to Frieda thats how you get into those fixes and I think you don't mind. Sympathy on the loss of the deceased. John has lost four cows already this year. Not good.