Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Sunny day

Try and figure it. Yesterday was supposed to be bright and sunny therefore it about drizzled on’n’off all day long. Then again today it was supposed to rain all the day therefore we enjoyed clear skies bombarded with oodles and oodles of warming sunshine. Temperature went all the way up to 84* this afternoon. On the fun side of things, while it took us most the day Fillip and I have gotten at least 90% of the muti-floral-roses, thorn-apples, wild raspberries, briars and brambles cleared away. Come morning fillip and I may give the hay-yard to clean-up, while we go to setting some rather heavy electric fencing to keep these ladies honest out along the old RR right-of-way. I‘m beginning to sense maybe we‘re starting to catch-up a little bit? We’ve 12 calves here. The last calf of 14 was born shortly after dinner today down in the hollow. Only 2 calves at Bro’s. Hard telling how many more there’ll be if that pasture’s last season bull was purely vacationing the entire Summer season. Was a good day as far as feeling good’s concerned. Lollipops Fernan

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