Monday, April 30, 2012

Same-o, same-o

Spent the last couple days clear some damnable multi-floral roses from along side a fence line. That was right up until the Ford loader-hoe’s front tire sprung an air leak. That was about 4:00PM. Which was alright as I had come close enough to hitting my wall. All I’d wanted the last couple night was all the ice-cold packs I could back my spine against both evenings. Then it was early to bed. I surely must have worn myself thin those couple days as I slept 12hrs each nights. Between deforesting, sleeping, and mid-wifing….. I haven’t felt like bellying up to my key board. On top that the ‘putor isn’t working right, I haven’t done anything about replacing my cell phone, I ain’t had my picture taken for the book. I’ve been so exhausted these few days I haven’t even dreamed up any more mischief or methods to put my projects together. And, I haven’t yet mentioned the plaguing absentmindedness following me around like some of my backaches. Humbug! Welp, the tire’s fixed, and it’s raining again. As much as I’d like a couple more pretty days to clear that fence line and hot wire it, we desperately need the rain. While we aren’t burning up, we’re close to it. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ …..yesterday’s noon birth. Photobucket Photobucket Lollipops Fernan

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Paula said...

We're starting to be desperate for rain again. The wind is blowing everyday drying out what little moisture there is.