Thursday, April 19, 2012

4-18-2012 Dumb Day

So I had to make the trip into Otisville for my latest new med. Not to waste the trip I hit all the same stores I had shopped a couple days ago for more those same and different parts for my inventions. Getting back home the silly phone kept me busy answering it. Darned nuisance if you ask me! Doctors ganging up on me insisting I do this, take that; I’m wondering if’en this ordeal ain’t a racket involvement here and I‘m the patsy? I had to call my last specialist to fax my latest physical therapy script to my therapist.
When I did get around to doing something useful I had put Sneak set about to drain the holed Ugly truck gas tank. Ha ha, it had run out of gas on it’s own before he got to siphoning it. Hoho! Fillip busy, or attempting to be, I put the WD45’s repacked bearings, wheel and tire back on. Fillip changed the engine’s oil and I all but completed the total servicing the whole tractor. We’re out of some required #68 (20 grade) hydraulic oil. Hope I’ve some at home.
Tom out and about (slowly healing his last Fall’s heart surgery) set down to the welding table making welds on a new HM* 3pt Ford row crop tractor part. The part no longer available from NOS* nor even aftermarket. Tom even drilled and primed it. Whilst he was at it he even welded some experimental parts together for me. Those pieces re-cleaned I painted them myself. All said and done I’ve enough to look forward to too keep me busy tomorrow.

*HM….home made.
*NOS….new old stock.

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