Tuesday, April 10, 2012

c c cold

Now that we’ve had an early taste of Spring’n’Summer, I want to know who left the Winter door opened. Thankful I am I’d put my barnyard tux back on this AM.
After having taken Ugly truck to help me work my day it died less than ½ way to the shop. Bro’ towed me to shop and delivered empty feed wagon here. Then I was off an running upon the Cushman for supplements.
When I’d had lunch I grown grain by myself. Fillip sick I insisted he go back to bed. Without his help I had me a heavy day. Then when the feed grind was done I drove Cushman a ways out North of Otisville for some bone crunching. From there picked up Herr Mostess’s latest new prescription. Stopped by the TWP offices to complain about our trash pick-up. Brave souls are, they passed the buck to me to deal with these a-who trash engineers. We’ll see. I think I’ll fume for a day or two more before callen them for myself!
On the way home I passed an early arrival egret. A young bird all dressed in white. That bird so cold I saw it standing on one leg in Stemkees Pond. Brrrr!
Here’s another picture of some cuties……
…..to too enjoy.

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Paula said...

This must be calf day. I have them in my entry too.