Sunday, April 22, 2012

pooped out

The Morning had a nice start. Looking out I saw plenty of sunshine. Walking to the barn I fed the cats and eye-balled the ladies. 1 calf short the count the Cushman and I went for a drive. Fillip coming out while I was counting to 3 Fillip was making some strange irregular hand signs. Joining him the calf count was to come out right plus 1 more new born calf. By noon or shortly there after another calf was born down in the hollow. Still a-waiting additional calf births to join the single calf at Bro’s. As far as mechanizing, Fillip had later assured me we’d gotten a lot done. Regardless how much we’d actually gotten done I was savagely thrown against my wall before 2:00PM. I felt as if I were coming apart physically, mentally, emotionally; it was time to go home. The little Ford fully serviced was ready to roll. The baler serviced was handily parked outside. The Work Horse tractor bathed and dried was center shop floor parked for service. Everything picked up, packed up, locked up, I was ready to roll the Cushman, Fillip the little Ford. At home the back blade we put on the repaired 3pt hitch. Once inside the house I totally relaxed, sitting a few moments, dinner prepared I ate. After lunch attempting to put my barnyard tux on I was blessed with an excruciating pain in my left hip socket. I backed off my intentions. Thought about it for a moment, continuing to feel a bit out of it; so, I laid down and slept for an 1½hr. Upon waking it was getting to late to run the road to get a whole lot done. In-stead we rode the fence lines out back for windfall notations. None were found. Even as I write this I’ve still got the shakes. Lollipops Fernan

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