Saturday, April 21, 2012


Nuts, I dropped my cell phone this morning and then stepped upon it, killing it. For better or worse I enjoyed the quiet freedom of a near dead cell phone. Getting in at ¼ 0f 7:00 this evening I’m near wishing I had been hit, knocked down, and run over by a big-a truck so I could pretend I’m feeling s good as I am!! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I think I as involved in 6 projects today. (1) Did everything necessary to grind feed. I’ve explained this routine before. (2) Using the 4010JD we brought the 445 Vermeer baler out into the light of day. (3) On the small implement trailer we loaded the old Work Horse lawn tractor. Having set in the barn for 2 Winters started rather easily. (4) Was called away from lunch for over 2hrs to find short and fix fence. (5) After lunch we put the lil’ Ford 3pt together with the new home made part. (6) Fillip and I fixed some more fences what didn’t need all that much fixing today. (Lastly) We came home. I did the chores. Fillip found-lost-n-found another ignition switch mounting nut. And he tried to blame the loss of this 2nd nut upon Sweetheart the cat. (the nerve!) Lollipops Fernan

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