Friday, April 6, 2012

4-5-2012 “A Lost Calf’s Tale”

In this story opening calf’s tale pictured the unseen cow and calf familying a couple day’s ago were just to my right.
This second picture I’m on this old 1957 vintage tractor using a back grader blade trying level out some of this lady stepped rough ground for easier driving and walking when the weather has further dried for the season.
It was while I was grading this lane The Lady I hadn’t pictured this AM after partaking some of the new pasture, upon checking on her 3day old bull calf had come out to about where I may be seen here and complained to me the loss of her calf. Now, how does an experienced lady loose her baby. This couldn’t be so yet this lady acted towards me as if I had had something to with the disappearance. Just a couple more rounds to go I continued my quest to leave some this ground smother than when I had 1st ventured onto it with tractor and blade.
By and by even prematurely parking the tractor in front of the barn, I was not finished, I stepped down and sought out Fillip to assist me the lost calf search.
Together Fillip and went out in the barnyard to where I had seen the pair last. From there we parted going our own way’s to look for said calf perhaps laying talling grasses just out side the barnyard’s perimeter. Neither of us found nary a hair.
Regrouping a second time fillip went anther way his thing baby got lost following mom. I took to investigating the inner barnyard fenced enclosures. My own steps few into the customary sickbay I was to spy the missing baby happily absorbing the Sun’s rays, the critter contentedly laying with the wind sheltering in the circle of barnyard outbuildings.
Cat’s closed mouth contribution, she hadn’t told me a cussed thing about anything. Some disappointing Black’n’White’s surveillance negated reporting, her‘s was.
From here Fillip and I went out of this inner yard, found mom and tried coaxing, even respectfully driving, her into where her calf was lazily reclined. Three attempts she refused follow us any way or another. In her mind she weren’t about to be tricked into an area she didn’t want to go. So it was back to either plan’s ‘B’ or ‘C.’
“You’re going to pick up that big baby?” Sweetheart could be imaginatively speaking, “I’m a lot cuter, smaller and cuddlier!”
The calf up and in Fillip’s arms, Sweetheart was gone. In her mind, “If I’m not wanted around here......!”
Whilst Sweetheart had split, Fillip, arms full, carried the calf out into the wider spaced barnyard. We still had to get ma’s attention. Then when she did get it together that we actually had her calf she quickly double timed carried her mail in to claim her offspring. What was going around in her mind, I still doubt she’d have believed any truth either of us could have told her. Obviously us’en humans can’t be trusted……
Then reporting all these going’s no’s to the boss, his comment, “Seems the 3day old calf is already smarter than his mother.”

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