Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Woke up this morning hurting; and why not, I had laid down hurting more than the well norm. I get Ugly’s spark-plugs cleaned and the grain ground I’ll be off to see a chiropractor. Have already called. He be a lady this time. She even asked me if I had a preference? “No.” I answered her, “I don’t care who leans on me.” That got me a chuckle out of the lady and she told me she’d be there until 6:00 PM this evening. Good, time enough I (we) can check them spark-plugs and grind grain before going in. After that I had wanted to take the Cushman some apart. Some of that may have to wait. Maybe for some of that after that time I could look into some of my lesser, more hobby for the moment, projects until they’ve been practical plus farm useful.
Rat now I’m sitting tight trying to eat and drink something be fore venturing out of the house a second time. I know my back needs attention sure if I’m ever to see clear eyed again.
Meanwhile, Trying to get out of here it may be awhile before I get back to continue scribbling this depressing thread. Have a good one, at least better than the one I’m feeling…..
How about this? Our 1st calf has been born here this very morning
And, 2 more were born down in the hollow as well. The Spring ice finally broken we’ve newborns in all three barnyards.
To give this mob more room to move around we’ve opened the pasture just east of this house.
Isn’t Spring grand!!!
Had to grind today. Painfully, I took my time getting to it. I cautiously made a couple impromptu social calls along the way. When the grind was done, lunch partaken, it wasn’t exactly a yellow brick road leading over to the bone-cracker‘s.
Getting back it was time to deliver the feed. Well that was right after I had sat back against an ice pack for near an hour. I also had some thoughts to look into some light shop work.
Taking personal inventory all we’ve gotten done thus far this Spring we’re way ahead of this season’s games. Easter but a few days away we’ve already challenged next Winter’s fuel supply just hit and missing wood chopping to fill out a left over hour here and there. The down the road firewood supplies still need filling.
Back home 6:30Pm House was smelling pretty good the beef roast fillip had put on before we left. Mmm good, I’m back to having to sit on an icepack or another spell. Earlier having delivered the ground feed Fillip took to wrenching Ugly’s spark-plugs. We know it’d been easier to gap and install new ones but economics such as thy are I cleaned, gapped and tested at least two dozen used plugs to find us eight that still had some life in them. Also while tinkering on Ugly that mean old coolant leak was still with Ugly. Nuts, looks like we’ve got to install a better one on Ugly tomorrow. And, that was the water pump I wanted to put on dumpy truck when it was brought in for clutch and body repairs. Okay while we’re changing water pump we’ll also be taking the Cushman apart for its sleeve needed part. Priorities dictate those money’s we might have spent on Ugly’s parts will temporarily serve the ¼ ton truck and ourselves best if prudently spent on what we can do without to fix that what needs fixing rat now. Was this triage thing the equivalent to decide who needs the more lively worked upon attention first in the mechanical world? Decisions, decisions, how our meager funds may be spent the wiselylist best first? So many questions as I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again, “What this World needs are more answers than questions!” Ahem, amending this last statement might I substitute the word “economy” for the word “World?”
Roast beef supper, chocolate swirl ice-cream dessert eatened, I had to lay it down, my late day favorite pain escape.

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