Friday, April 6, 2012

4-5-2012 Taken it easy

Taken it easy today particularly after bone cruncher’s yesterday visit. Have found it takes about 4 days for an adjustment to settle in and take.
Holy Sandman, you over did it with the sleep-sand evening last. Sheesh I’ve just waken up from a 13 hr snooze. If I had gotten up during the night I little remember. Upright I sorted and took my rattlers. Charged out of the house to check on the ladies and found nothing new. Could this be they’s holding ‘em in on me? Why Fillip even opened the near east pasture gate and not one of them have ventured out. Strike maybe? Seems unreal this mob not charging out to check on fresh green grassy vittles.
I snapped this, about half of them lollygagging around as if this were some kind of vacation spa. Look at’em, all those big round full bellies. “Come on Lades, get with it. You are making me as nervous as an expectant father.” And, thought worry! I was all over that way back in the year 1970!
To speed up my morning’s moving around breakfast was a couple pieces buttered toast with my favorite traditional milk chaser. I’d made me fresh coffee only that new fandangled coffee maker of Sneak’s and I simply don’t get along. Well I can make me a fresh cup-a-tea and hit the outdoor airs. While Fillip sleeps in me thinks I’ll get on the little Ford tractor and do a few minutes grading. Some of these traveled farm lanes and drives still need some leveling if us drivers may remain in our seats and keep the hay bales from bouncing off the wagons. Hay making isn’t far away.
‘N’ the way Spring has cooled off, it’s looking like the stowed firewood in the house may be heating wise consumed perhaps making it possible I may yet have another year to replace this old house’s two front doors. We’ll see? More later…..
Myself on the little Ford, the east pasture gate opened yesterday, one, two, three ladies figuring this last fact out and more or less nibbling away at the sparse green stuff the rest of the mob catching on AND wanting some were finally getting it together and in motion.
Still later….Fillip finally getting up, my missing a cafĂ©, Fillip finally wide eyed and maybe miss labeled bushy-tailed that’ll be another story wit’r’witout pictures.
So moving my day’s activities right on along while I was up and about within my own back yard a cell call comes in. Oh crap, it’s from our primary doc’s office. The office’s dingbat on the other end. This was her second call I as many weeks. Makes it sound as if our lives are on the line if we don’t immediately see Doc. He wants to see us. Okay, I give in and make an appointment for 3:45PM this very day. My next trick try to repair water leaking on Ugly Truck. So lunch it was. Then to shop. Just looking under the hood…forget it…..I’d (we’d) never have the water pump replaced before 4:00PM let alone any earlier. So, I turned our attentions toward the Cushman. We just might have it apart in the allotted time. We did. Nuts, I found a seal repair need that could just possibly take two weeks just waiting for a single new seal part. Nuts!
Frieda and I right on time for our medical appointment took our seats in the waiting room. There we waited and waited for 2hrs, more ridiculous paperwork, and finally getting in like I’ve writ after 2hrs. Doing all the paper work it was found I had lost my green card. Crap, I didn’t even know I was an alien let alone never swum the RioGrand nor one the GreatLakes. Then I was another hour before our supposedly anxious Doc come in to see us. What a fiasco! I do believe the dingbat was merely worried about her job security and next paycheck…. Doc didn’t have a particular lot to say to us. However, I bent his ear over our last three months treatment from the 4 Bozo’s he had sent the lot of to see (including Sneak). One fact I presented him with while all three bozo’s were in the same 2 block area, within 2 shared office complex’s 35miles away. That’s 70miles round trip, the gasoline prices devastatingly warping our lives living budgets beyond reasonable maintenance.
The worst part, all this costly travel fiasco-ing we hadn’t been helped one iota. Only one Doctor even had it close together. Two of them weren’t even close, and the 4th had no idea what he was talking about or any idea’s as to how the equipment worked or should be set up, Frieda had been using for over the at least 10yrs. Now, after at least 4months minimum we are none the better off any the basic cares or helps we had sought in the beginning. The last Doc aught to have his license revoked…. I’m leaning deadly serious.
Our day weren’t done yet. 3hrs at Doc’s it was time to put in more time at the pharmacy. That was another standing around 1hr’s wait. They’d decided Frieda’s insurance paper work needed updating. Sheesh, I also found I was missing my own insurance card. Now here another piece of whatever I need to GET(?). About the time I finish finding additional cards I’ll have my own foot tall stool right here in my back pocket.
I had earlier joked it be dark before we got back home, it was durn close and not without some additional painful excitement.
The sun was actually setting when I turned into our drive pulled up as close to the gangway to drop Her Mostess off. As Frieda exited the truck, Sweetheart on her way to meet us decided to jump into the truck for some more my impromptu loven just as Frieda was closing the door it had caught Sweethearts tail in the process. Frieda not looking back had heard the cat’s agony but continued right up the ramp as if she had a mission. Sweetheart meanwhile had managed to pull her tail through the forgiving rubber weather stripping, what had surrounded the door. In the cat’s continued excitement she was all over the truck’s cab at once 3 or 4 times wanting out in spite my try’s to comfort and calm her. I finally opened my door for her escape. Then parked truck down by the barn, from where I walked up to and into the house in the evening’s descending twilight’s fading light.
It’d been a Hell of a day!
The next very closely day’s installment, “A Calf’s Story” shall follow shortly.

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Paula said...

Your ladies look happy and well fed. Ours are too with some green grass finally.