Thursday, April 26, 2012

Pain’s dessert’s

Yesterday’s afternoon pains following me home, I hadn’t out runnin’ waking this morning. Dressed I ran the gambit with Juan. Was touch going the whole distance packing and using two cans this AM for support. Hurting so bad my mind is purely boggled. Additionally got the shakes so bad only think I could think of was getting Chiropractic care. Punchig in the numbers on the cell phone what I had. It seems today’s their day’s off. Next best action I could think of once home getting was putting my backside against some ice. Then looking for a pain pile of any kind the first one I come across to was a Doc prescribed barbiturate which he forbad me to take the next time I saw him. Naughty naughty-me, I took one anyway. Lawd help me, I’m hurting. I needed it! Meanwhile, in my misery to find relief, Frieda suggested, “Lie down leaving one of them things alone!” I didn’t listen. I had taken it and as none typically as might be imagined feeling further out of the ordinary I was looking forward to lying down anyway. This I was readying to do as I had decided to wait until after I had my lunch, whatever it was going to be. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The heats up….at least once everyday. On waking from my afternoon’s pain escaping nap the woodstove is happily bouncing up’n’down like a new born infant. Which in turn reminds me I need to get outside and see (check) the calves. Weather over all has been freezing nights moisture of any real kind poor free. The earth’s temperature’s still below 54* a planted seed’s germination/survival/growing temperatures. Golly whiz, we can sure use some rain and decently warming weather to spur our hay fields and pastures growth on. Was going to work on some pasturing fences today. Thus far all I’ve managed fencing wise was a couple weak-kneed sorry I had done anything thoughts. No dreaming, no nothing! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ For the last 4days I’ve been repeatedly asking Herr Clink the whereabouts my brown duct bib-overalls. Low and behold they turned up from right where her Ladyship had stashed them. Now if we may only have a couple nice days we’ll have a photo shot for my book’s jacket cover. Lollipops Fernan

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