Monday, April 23, 2012


Unrelenting winds here all day. Weather forecaster predicting even higher winds tomorrow. We worked the fences up around the front here. Fixed a number of problems, insulators, a couple broken wires. There’s even an exceptionally slightest chance of snow? Fixing these fences were enough for us. Donning Winter wear to stand against the cold wind blasts chickened us to putting a few hours with in the shop’s shielding walls. All the tractors meeting in the shop a few days ago are all back on line, even the little Work Horse lawn tractor. Fully greased, fluids topped off, still needing one new spark-plug. (It’s on my new shopping expedition want list.) It’s almost there. Gosh all Monday’s memory games I remembered to clean 2 1/2sets of spark-plugs for the 4020JD. Why, I had even remembered to mix some salt for the water holes. Three are taken care of, one more to go tomorrow. The ladies have been given the near west side pasture. It should keep them busy for the next four days at least. Calves are growing like weeds and celbrating their new lives are busy running in circles around their mothers just a high tailing it like they do. Just getting start out the driveway five deer crossed the road near in front of us. Shortly later heard a gun shot suggesting somebody’s trying to put some venison on his table. Now, if I can only remember to give Bro’ his 2012 tractor calendar before it expires? Lollipops Fernan

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Paula said...

The calves can be so cute with their antics. Sometime they remind me of human kids.