Sunday, April 1, 2012

April Fools Day

Now that my title I out, what’s going o cross me up today? It’d be normal, the way things go around on these Shorthorn country acres, is a daily norm.
Holy Sand Man, I must have had a bigger day than I had realized yesterday. I slept an almost totally uninterrupted 10 hours last night. My two rising’s were short relieving ones. All part of one my nightly routine‘s.
Plan for today? So many options, I’d thought I’d wing it. We’ve a whole barn yard fallen wood to cut up. An Ugly truck to put back together. More wood down yonder to finish cutting up. Sum up later
Fillip and I cut on a number fallen tree trunks until Fillip complained something wrong with all the saws. What the heck, it was close enough for a late Sunday dinner,….we ate.
Down the road, Fillip serviced saws. I cleaned spark-plugs for an up coming change in the 4220JD. I also installed a Redi-sleeve on Ugly’s harmonic balancer. That was easy enough for me. Then managed to start it on the engines crankshaft. It was about here I got the cussed shakes and I had to engage Fillip to install the bolts and tighten them.
My rattler’s taken only a half hour late supper won’t be to awful late this evening,….I hope?
‘N’ while we didn’t set the world on fire today, I’m still happy with it.

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