Sunday, April 15, 2012

4-14-2012 Hey Hey Hey

Have gotten Ugly running again. 1st off, I see no leaks. 2ndly and more importantly the engine is starting and running like a new born top. The new wiring bypassing the buried steering column ignition switch is working splendidly. Truck started easily, didn’t stumble or quit unannounced. I think the jury rigged wiring has long ago been needed. About time I figured it out! (scowl) Now I may get on with other repairs, rainy day tinkering, contemplating nature.
Speaking of nature, No new born calves today. (blaw) Well, we all need a day off now’n’then.
Backing up the wrenches for a moment, What was going to take me an hour to finish wrenching evening last I did it up royally quick in less than a ½hr’s time this morning. This gave me bookoo bunches of extra time to figure out how I was going to design and layout all the bypassed wiring and switches were going to be carried out (installed). No guessing, I went straight at it (into it) making another dash panel to fill an otherwise useless hole in the dash. So, when all finished, said and down, there are three new dash switches that must be turned, flipped, and pressed in the proper sequence to start and run the ready to go Ugly truck. Back off peons and watch my loaded hay wagons traveling dusts.
¼ to 5:00PM I’m in, my back solidly leaned against an ice pack half way up my spine. Now ¼ past the same 5:00PM I’d druther not have to get up to pour me a drink for drowning my rattlers. Yeah, I should have thought ahead. (no comment)
Oh oh! Holy salamander capable of mudpuppy color changes. It’s Sunday morning and raining for a change…. While we haven’t experienced any real diehard drought changes we have needed some rain.
He he…. I’m already looking forward to a tinker’s splendid day under cover the shop’s sheltering walls and roof. For starts I need to fix Herr Klink’s bedroom window screen that frame having taken a 2yr highattis. Next I had better finish up my tractor bicycle racks; OR, cut out (cut up) some pieces for my tractor rearview mirror assemblies. {I’ll need them welded some. AND, I’d also like to put some time into some the individual parts for the Quadra-cycle. Hummmm? This last temptation more likely a fat chance wish.

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