Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter Sunday

Well as it turned out, if I were seen kneeling it wasn’t my paying homage to the Cushman nor was I praying over it although it might not have been a bad idea had I offered up a few words. I was simply indulging into s quest of all my own seeing to it that miserable 1/4ton truck was properly up and running as I had expected of it a year ago.
When Sneak finally showed up his assistance was most valuable finishing up that wrenching I was no longer in a mood to handle last night. Everything mechanical put back together That 1/4ton Cushman moved and strongly running better than it had recently remembered most recently to today.
Whilst replacing that engines rear seal I had liberally used some brake cleaner sprayed all over the Clutch assembly’s mating parts. Wow, talk about taking off like a scalded dog it moved out as reminiscently I remembered as it had only a year ago.
Home 3:00 PM Fillips dinner efforts were filling the house with those sweet aromas promising an Easter dinner was smelling like a feast to be remembered for some time. My only apprehension is an over indulgence I shall have to watch my not over doing it.
Once I was out and about this morning seeing some bunnies hoping through/around-about the yard not one of them slowed let alone stopped to leave me so much as a single brightly colored egg to find or an even plain egg of any kind to contemplated drool over. Hmm, well now, this is enough of this drivel.
Well, back to some of my previous thoughts eating short and all that, feeling well rested what with yesterday’s 2hr nap ‘n’ last night’s 10hr all-night sleep I’m feeling well rested enough I’d like to go out for a couple hrs to fill in the day with some wood splitting. And why not? Hey? Cause There's some little time left I can enjoy some woods splitting time short as it maybe rather than using a whole day later I can better spend on a longer taking project. I hope all this made sense. An extra ulterior motive, getting me off my backside will likely lighten or even let stop some those miserable headaches generated when I’m seated. Being busy is better therapy when I can handle it without some of them doped habitual habit codeine/morphine laced Tylenol's for starters.
After dinner, fillip going with me he sawed while I split wood. We made one whale of a pile firewood in 3hrs. The Sun fixing to set, my reaching the end of my wall, Fillip was delighted I called it. E had our equipment put away and walking into the house at 7:30PM, close enough.
Dinner late, not wanting another supper I could have gone something to snack on. Mentioning it nobody paid any attention. I’d guess I was just put on another instantaneous diet! Humpht, I guess I might just as well think bed. As if I really needed some more zzzzzzzzzzz’s.

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