Friday, April 6, 2012

4-6-2012 An Easy Day

How about this not much happened today. It should be a all around lot easier to record. Morning opened with my getting Her Mostess into Mount Morris for a vampire’s draw on her. Primary check is her body’s insulin level. Taking her into the blood sucking lab, I immediately scooted about Mt Morris for Ugly and Cushman parts. Made out alright for Ugly. Not so good for the Cushman. For the Cushman I wanted some graphite impregnated water-pump packing. Seems this old timely stuff is unavailable. Replacing it, they’s making a Teflon packing replacement. Nuts! After trying the parts scrounging I went super marketing for but few items one of the cat food, plus a couple different cold cereals. Next stop heading back to the vampires blood sucking depot I stopped for gasoline. Damn gas pump nozzle so damnably sensitive I got out of the cargo box the step box I had made for Frieda to make her entries in to any taller than a curb height motor vehicle door sill easier for her to climb-in/climb-over. I was glad that tank only required 10gal or I might have been getting us home to late for lunch. (grin) To break Frieda’s fast we stopped by a neighbors for coffee and eggs to help Frieda’s starved tummy feel better nourished.
After lunch before Fillip and I could hit the road for the shop I had to feed the cats. Looking down the drive I thought they looked like they were about to print, display, and picket me for unfair feeding practices. Thus, I had to retrieve that bag of cat food for the barn cats.
Once we made the shop. With Fillip’s help I managed to measure the required seal’s inside/outside measurements. I called the number into my parts man. He did a search and the new seal will be available for pick-up come morning. Also finding that old seal fitting so poorly and so easily tipped, I commenced to design and make a homemade flange to fit over the new seal when its installed, So‘s it may never slip again. Now, if I (we) can only find some of my old timey plumbing packing’s store’s, I can double seal the new seal installation. That way I expect that crankshaft seal(s) to never leak again.
Really an easy day….
PS: Oh oops, almost forgot the colored sketches for my book came today for my approval. They were absolutely, fantastically, beautiful in my eyes.

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