Saturday, April 14, 2012

4-13-2012 Flyday’t’13th

‘Tis a pretty day. Already loaded out a load of hay. I’ve fed the cats. Made a request for one of Fillip’s colossal breakfasts, (me lie?). (grin)
Sitting here for a couple moments, just realized FryDay‘t’15th was one of my Mom’s favorite day’s regardless whatever month or week occurred. She thought it a good omen to go shopping. And, did she ever shop. Mom gone for Since ‘69 I still feel her smiles on my from her heart.
‘Twas a slow start day. Getting Fillip up and around took some doing. Leaving him home for three days must have certainly spoiled him. But, I managed to get him to make up one of his stellar breakfast’s.
Our finally having eaten we were on our ways. Well, that was until we had to wait for Bro’ to come by to haul the loaded hay wagon to his end. Our now finally making it to the shop I went straight to work on Ugly. Did alright too until I found I had a couple extra parts left over. A spacer and bolt. My leaning on the fender for awhile I had finally figured out or discovered just exactly where the bushing had come from remembering it’s mysterious falling when I was taking Ugly apart days earlier. As for the bolt, I found a place to put it so’s all the parts, nuts and bolts come out even….
If all this seems to be bloody poor reading it was ore liking a bloody pouring letting my hands caught and scrapped by the crisp edges of the fan blade scraping my this hide more than enough I bled all over the whole project. My mid afternoon tiring having stood on a concocted elevation, leaning over the radiator, liking some hunched-back looking as if I were trying to haphazardly stand on my head I had to give it up. Besides, I was getting hungry. Through lunch I research the net for automotive electrical current loads for fuse protecting needs. Lunch eaten, needing milk anyway, we were off upon the Cushman for Otisville. Around about that lil’ village there are two rural automotive parts shops. We (I) hit the first one looking for some heavy-duty automotive electrical switches. The first stop I found one. I’d discover a bit later it wasn’t what I wanted but second thinking it I needed it. What the heck, I stopped by the 2nd parts shop and found a similar switch. As it turned out the 2nd switch complimented the 1st one. I had what I needed to revamp (replace) Ugly’s starting circuits. Also poking about this lil’ community I picked up more adaptable residential electrical parts to put together a couple other safer tractor-implement lighting ideas. By the time I reached home I’d also settled upon a matter (or way) to legalize the Cushman to the State’s DOT registration’s rules.
While I figured I hadn’t had a setting the day on fire kind, in retrospect I managed to do and clear in my mind how I can easily accomplish putting together a couple safety projects. Hmmm, maybe I might better material parts list, write’n’sketch them, before they’re (ideas) forgotten. “Son os a gun+ I’ve had one of Mom’s day’s.

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