Monday, April 9, 2012

Some made it a 4day weekend

But not us’en. Fillip and I drove into Otisville to take care of a number of things. Dropped a necessity by Doc’s office, Did some ultra bargain shopping, bought gas, bought a smoke roller, purchased a weather head for the barn’s electrical service, looked up a new friend pleading my case being in need a cup of coffee and cemented a new friendship, and lastly tried to see the TWP supervisor over the issue my trash left sitting beside the road, the Bugger’s’. Nut’s get to do it all over again in a couple days for The TWP offices plus prescription pick-up.
Had to take Herr Mostess to see her cardiac Doctor. That shot the entire afternoon. Had a heart to heart with her Doctor I did, about more than the current facts of life. She’s supposedly going to get her traveling oxygen travel pack in addition to two new medications plus a free ticket to a weight loss clinic.
Whatever evening work place plans I thought I had dreamed up were lost becoming involved in taking the broken Ford tractor 3pt lift arm apart. Bu time we finished the heavier part of the day there wasn’t enough time left get into any trouble. It was time to retire the day.

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