Monday, April 2, 2012

1st official wk’s woik day

Admittedly I didn’t want to get up. I was the last ½hr in repose just getting my left hand warmed up. Gads, I slept another 10 hrs er more night. Sheesh, I’m turning into a real sleepy head.
Well, I’m up now and going to try to make a continued effort to keep it vertical until I horizontal it again this evening. It’s as if I were perhaps over doing it the last couple days but that is more liking hardly the case. Perhaps it’s caused by my tiring state making want o do lists to long, the end finished results unattainable? Psychic food for thought at least. But then again I’ve got this little annoying pain what feels like just north of the sacroiliac. I don’t know?!
It was a Hell of a day. We had gotten into bookoo bunches stuff. While most of it we didn’t finish it (or wrap it up) we had a good time. A bright sunny day all the day. One of those a real teaser’s to coax an unsuspecting soul to shed to much clothing with an unmentioned promise a body could get real sick. I played it cool. I kept my barnyard tux on all the day.
What all we’d do or worked on? I finished putting the Ugly truck back together, quitting just short finishing it with a timing light. The hour getting late by that time I figured it more prudent let the timing wait until one of my fresher morning hour’s. along other avenues we’d serviced the chainsaws. Chip had even come over and expertly sharpened them for us. Fillip finished cutting down a wayward tree we’d left standing behind the oil-house, cutting it down and one of its last leavings also were cut into firewood sized pieces. The day so pretty our not wanting quit its marvelous-ness we slipped down the road to the tenant farm In the hollow. With the tuned up chainsaws we cut some more on those almost year old tree trunks. An 1½ hour more sunny time was well spent until I remembered we’d promised one of the neighbors we give it another go to attempt pulling their loader tractor out of the creek bottoms. So we were off and running a good deed towards our later afternoon. We still kept in mind we wanted to be back home before dark. Using the 2150 Ollie, it didn’t even grunt when it started its pull. In no time we had that 3400 Ford loader tractor up and out the bottom sitting on top much dryer, firmer, ground. By the time we finished this last running we had gotten home by 7:30 PM. The wood-burning home-fire still felt welcoming good walking in. Supper only require reheating leftovers. Viva la leftovers, supper was good!
A snap yesterday’s new calf.
While the cald didn’t get any I had tapioca pudding for dessert.

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