Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Press photo shoot…..

….has been postponed another day. Sheesh! I stepped outside this AM into an icy North by Northwest breeze. Leaving the deck or the ramp that breeze turned to bone chilling wind I returned to the confort and security of my home for a hat with ear flaps. I ain‘t going out in these cod ice cycled elements for no book nor publicity shot in a more proper Summer wardrobe in the bottoming cold temperatures. (Brrrr) It’s cold here. Only thing missing is snow. And the Pantsailvainiand’s and Nude Yerkers sucked over, grabbed down over them, all that last seasonal snow. There ought-a-be a law! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Having been outside meeting the elements head on, I find some difficulty in making up what’s left of my mind as what I want to do with my day. Wood cut into blocks waiting splitting I’m thinking can wait. I don’t trust either the winds nor the trees those wood chunks lie under not to blow down (or over) on us? It comes to chain sawing some timber, again I don’t trust these winds not to blow something down on us. And these winds could (would) fill out eyes with blown sawdust. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The clear skied Sun may look warm and inviting, but from what I’ve seen and felt outside this morning it is not a friendly element out there. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Could load up and take the Krapsman lawn tractor to the shop for servicing. Especially since at last season’s discovering three handily hidden zerk grease fittings on the underside of the mower deck. Hardest part the machine’s fully serviced adventure was my pouring 90weigh oil into the idée bitty hole I had to take a driver wheel off to get to. The hole was so small I’m sure somewhere upon our planet a smaller funnel does exist. As it was I poured into the transmission assembly all of ¾’s a pint 90weight oil at less than a table sppon full at a time. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Outside in the ladies freshened pasture our count was 4 more calves born today. What a day for new life’s onto this Earth. It was as if overtime one of us turned around we had another brand new life what had joined us. What sights pleasured our eyes especially one dazzling white calf. This evening getting was around about¼ 0f 7:00PM. I was exhausted, but pleased with a modestly successful day. I’ll sleep well tonight. Lollipops Fernan

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