Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Fillip’s still sick. If and when he should ever start listening to me he’ll be feeling better sooner. But, what does a parent know, even an old one? (grin) Meany-while I’m doing what I can alone.
With Bro’s help we'd finally gotten Ugly shoved into the shop. When I left it, the radiator was draining. Truck in shop I can work on it tomorrow.
Word coming two bred heifer in labor, Bro taking me with him we went up the road to check on them. Yup, when we got there one calf was ¾’s the way into this world. Hitting the ground I whipped the flam (afterbirth) away from the calf’s snout for easier breathing.
Brand new, mere seconds old.

Around the corner another bred heifer laying down tired and resting was in some need of help.
My trying to catch her, my failing, we walked her into a smaller portion of the barnyard. There put a halter on her, tied her to a fence post, then commenced to double loop put a pr chains on the calf’s forefeet. Then my dropping to the ground behind her I pulled. With her pushing, my pulling we soon had another brand new calf. Then it was quick-quick like getting the lasso and the halter off her so’s I could turn her to her newborn calf, these first moments important to the cow and calf’s bonding.
Here she is brand spanking new.
It was one Hell of a day, even if I didn’t get much done.

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