Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Where’ll I Start

First thing out the door I god a wild turkey. Second thing, checking the ladies, no new calves. Third thing I tried skinning the turkey. Admittedly with enough help all was finished in time for lunch. Eatened, we took Tom’s mower to shop. Replaced Work Horse plugs. Worked on yonder fences until we’d run out-a wire. Along about 4:00PM my back sorer than a boil I had to call it quits our getting in at about 6:00. I had to lay down a spell to escape the pain, and slept for and hour’n’a-half. Woke up feeling the better. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ No new calves here today. Bro’s calf crop doubled today. He’s two calves now. (smile) All in all, a bright sunny skied day for a supposedly forecasted rain soaker. Lollipops Fernan

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