Saturday, March 31, 2012

Non spectacular

This blogg’s title calls this day’s excitement. Maybe even “boring” might have been an all encompassing single word to describe my day.
When I could finally get it together Fillip and I finished cleaning up our outback perimeters of windfalls, trimmings and assorted bunches of brush.
My opening my day with a brunch, we paused here for a dinner caper-offer.
Taking the high-low loader fitted box with us we (Fillip) trimmed some trees while maneuvered his airborne reaches to theoretically top trim a couple/three trees along the farm yard drives. While he stacked brush I move away to loader buckets firewood for stacking another day. It wasn’t a big day but we did finish one area and tickled another.
Depending upon tomorrow’s weather we’ll either be working inside the shop or trying to set up some kind of a spent tractor tired foundation for properly pile the aging rabbit cages on, until l they’er either sold or traded off. He big trick for this project is maybe using some ideally sized steel sheets for a proper temporary storage deck without grasses and weeds growing up and up through them. So it was a day of short and sweet accomplishments.

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