Thursday, March 22, 2012


Decided to hang around here enjoying this exemplary weather Before the grasses grow to high to find the fences I‘ve got to roll up and also to cut, trim, and prune or otherwise clean-up the fence lines and cut back all that nasty wild encroaching underbrush creeping out of the wood lots.
Our day started unloading into a pile for proper seasoning stacking the wood hauler’s oak firewood’s. That done trailer readied for another field load headed out we saw some of those same deer we be seeing the last couple days. Gosh they’re pretty. Enjoying the scenery I continued on out with the 4020JD behind Fillip on the WD45 with the wood hauler. The JD’s for lifting heavy tree trunks for more comfortable firewood cutting. I gophered while Fillip’s saw ran out of gas. Unable to open the saw’s oil reservoir we had to come home for a pair channel locks. Phooey that makes one more tool to keep in the chainsaw’s tool box. I’m seeing a bigger tool box in all the chainsaws future.
While we were up here we lunched and while we lunched we watched Frieda try to answer the phone talking into the TV remote. What a hoot!!! (hearty laughter allowed here)
(A side note) As much as I dislike cats, I’ve been sorely mobbed by most of them this morning. Stats the house cat refusing to go outside, Sweetheart the barn cat normally refusing to stay in the house; and then the down to the barn cats under foot until I fed them, the lot of them to damned lazy to go out and hunt in this highly unusual Spring heat.
By afternoon’s end we’d cut, split, and loaded 3 12”>16” stump sized fallen Elms and 1 6’r’8” ash. This is it, the load bottoming out the poor old wood hauler.
Looked at from any side it is a load.
This load parked along side the house Fillip covered it while I took care of some gather together and gift packaged trash. I’m telling you…….!!!
Worst part of the day the moment I sat down to put away my rattlers, I was all done. Seems as though what ever energy I had right up until that just sort-of drained out of me? Would sure like to know where it goes if I so much as relax for a minuscule moment. Arrhhhgggg…..
Now if only I could muster up enough strength to lean over and untie my boots. This ain’t funny MaGeee!!!
So it is looking lik an ealy to bed evening for me….. While I thimk about at least 2 more downed trees plus 2 nesciences to cut-up and haul home. This isn’t even mentioning some overhead aerial trimming I’d like to steer Fillip into/upto….me my devious mind. Then there’s still the electric wire fences still needing rolling up. Some done last fall,, and another one a couple days ago. There aren’t many left to do. Give me a couple more nice days and they’ll be a piece of cake!

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