Saturday, March 17, 2012

St Patty’s Day

This is another Herr Clink’s Holidays. May the Saints preserve me. She takes it seriously……
Now how about another going on long forgotten change of a season’s update. We haven’t had a fire in the woodstove for at least the last four days.
Now if the water holes in the outback’s up’n’down this road would dry up and I could get a couple weeks head start on head starting crop lands preparedness’s.
What to do today. Ha! Didn’t finish all what was started yesterday. And, have already been given requests for today. 1st thing (or one), gotta grind!
As typically we made the rounds, elevator for supplements, down yonder farm for empty feed wagon, back here, set-up machinery, and ground the feed. Did a cold peanut-butter’n’jelly samitches lunch.
On the road again found Bro’ and his troops about to do some serious offal clean-up the the yards. Huh, so much for spotting thr feed wagon. I dropped it alongside his drive way. It’ll still be there when the sun sets. Okay Fillip with me we snaked the Cushman through the maddening crowd and finished all that what we’d left uncompleted yesterday which included setting out a fence Fillip and I’ll probably get to fix maybe everyday for a week. Silly bred heifers can blindly run around without any care in the world when they’ve no idea some of there space has been taken away. I don’t appreciate their antics but over time they’ll eventually get the idea.
Done yonder, Fillip and I making good an attempted escape before we got drawn into manure slopp, we were on and headen up our road. Home we made ready to go the WD45 and attached the wood-splitter to the Cushman and headed out back. Out there was a problem tree which had come down to rest upon a earthen pile of fill I want to use to fill a hole were in a fence needs lifting and reset on level ground. Besides that this repulsive hole a former farmer who’d lived and made a living on this farm he’d used it for a dump site. What it amounts to I want to finish burying his trash making this problem area safer footing for passing farm animals.
A couple snaps:
The 1st pic is of the wood I’d split sawed out of that downed tree’s log. This tree having fallen about 4yrs ago is well dried and ready for burning. It’s well seasoned.
The 2nd pic is of the temporary earthen mound intended for the old dump hole’s filling. On that mound are what’s left of the trimmed off limb’s the fallen tree trunk.
Well, it seems I’ve already gotten a start on next winter’s needed fire wood supplies.
When that wood was stacked and covered the rest of the evening was mine.

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