Wednesday, March 7, 2012

What the…..

I’ve just discovered I hadn’t made a journal entry evening last. Opps! As characteristic as it has been I don’t remember much had gone on yesterday. So I asked Fillip for a rundown.
At sunrise, our getting up Fillip and I both were sporting some dandy headaches. Thus getting a late start we put in shop-time our continued efforts to gently take the Greene truck apart. We worked at until we came up against a serpentine belt pulley we couldn’t get off so to get to a AC-bracket bolt behind it. (nuts, nuts, nuts) We bagged bale wrap trash and fixed to put it out even a day early before I was convinced it was only Tuesday. Then I insisted on knowing who it was who had postponed Wednesday? I’m thinking there’s an unidentified trickster among us. Dirty pool!!!
One last thing! Interesting how I should remember this one all on my own? On last-night’s internet searches for some individuals I was continually asked for moneys, which I had refused to get sucked into paying for address’s and phone number’s information what should have been free. What’s all this thieving BS anyway???
Thank goodness it’s finally today. Everything’s happening today fresh in my mind, Duuh! Me thinks I can handle today's conquests on my own. Hallelujah! For one of my earliest exercises I researched the web going through “Sir & Given name, Forest twp, Mich.” and had gotten definitive answers as to this individual’s street address and phone number, going through the phone company white pages. Ye-ow-ser, this approach worked just dandily. I want to know how is I have to be a sneaky individual to get what is should be up front free for the common commerce’s good.
Still early feeling good in-spite the fact our whole household could have had a middle of the night committee meeting all of us up at the same time for whatever little wee disposal need we sort-a shared. (broad grin) I was still out a reasonably early hour. Leaving Sneak behind, I was off and running. Stopped by elevator for supplements, stopped by bank for on-line accounts payments, stopped by hardware to clean up past due bill, tried on a near last unsuccessful stop to pay the last minuscule payment for Dumpy truck tires, Stopped by lower farm for empty gravity feed wagon. Returning home we (Fillip & I) ground feed and had lunch.
Ground feed mixer-ground delivered and spotted Fillip and I scrounged some wrenches for installing one new battery in yonder-parked 1850 Oliver. When we had it running we brought it home.
It was about in here time wise, I received a very interesting phone call from my bank account watchdog. My accounts have been raided or set upon again. All falsely charges will be re-credited to my accounts. Plus, the bank insured me they were going after who ever these individuals are raiding their customers accounts, for flowers, pay-pal, even a dollar, plus a couple more. My accounts are being closed and new cards issued tomorrow. Wow! Am I ever glad I’ve got these watch-dog bank accountants. May I say I hope that one of these days the law will catch up to these white collar thieves?!
Leaving house this morning I was wearing but one extra Fall shirt. By noon I was down to my ordinarily Summer flannel soaking up this ridiculously beyond belief over jealous warm weather.
The four miles bringing the tractor home was an absolute delightfully driven ride.
Well now, its dark, I’ve waited out my rattlers, and if I should remember to do it after supper I’ve got to make an information gleaming phone call or two. Then it’ll be late enough I should be ready for sleep. Lawd, it has been one fine day.

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