Friday, March 2, 2012

Lions & Lambs

Make up time. Yes, I admit it, I missed making yesterday’s journal entry. However not all was lost While I presumably goofed off yesterday I did collect and arrange a few words for another private writing I’ve been keeping. These activities were all part of a continued convalescence carried forth from the day before. Of-course I shall presume I had perhaps better jot down some of the details.
I shall begin with the night before last. Not all that steady upon my feet shortly after my close call with my personal involvement with a gladly missed head-on crash the cause coming from the blown tire incident of the day before.
During that dark of the night myself customarily rise as past needs had proved essentially saving even a private embarrassment wetting a bed. Thus having to rise even the first time I found myself quite bilious experiencing a near uncontrollable urge to unceremoniously couple falling downs. Talk about anxiousness. I was loaded for bear. Returning from the central library’s essential’s facilities, in passing it, I took hold a handy walker to even using it to steady myself. While the first relief had been dignifiedly taken care of, the second indignity have avoided a fallen embarrassment, I was relieved to return to my bed in good order.
Sleeping came easily for me: the evening’s on-set, as well as between the two staggered ambling's through the house as well, again, after the last stopping’s on until morning.
With the light of morning’s sun rising I traded the walker for a much handier cane to steady my required rest of the day’s stepping about the house. Rather than take any chances outdoors, chores, projects, or whatever not even the trivial I cowardly stayed with in my four walls. I did however encouraged Fillip to take care of all outdoor matters in my stead. That included setting out feed in three yards my end of this road plus his having to see to it making fix another hay ring. In there somewhere he had even managed to do a bit of un-wrenching upon the Greenee truck.
As for the “Lions & Lambs” we’re wallowing in some splendidly mild weather. Could this mean we may well take a shellacking March’s-last/April’s-beginning days? We shall just have to wait and see!
Watching my steps about the house, and I commented about some changes around here. Basically some these household isles need some serious thinning to widen’em. As the morning wore on I manage to graduate from the walker’s use to picking up using the walking stick with each step as a sort of emergency steadying support. Lunch finally delivered; a chiropractic appointment made with my buddy Eric, a friend I needed was a friend in deed. Fillip and I were on our way to the bright lights of Clio’s busyness thorough fare to pick-up Ugly’s new tire, Buying it out right was cheaper than purchasing it for farm use, would you believe I saved us at least $30.00; just down the road we stopped by TSC for pet-cat supplies, and a 1/2x13mm wrenchin’ socket. Before leaving town we stopped by the drugstore, easy in’n’out for milk annnd they’d a 2-fer-sale going on assorted alkaline batteries; and, then we were on our cross-country way for the bone crusher’s appointment. Gosh how much I needed him. Remarkable, now that I’m home, evening’s about to close I need to dress down and proportionally wear a heat pad for a spell to soften up my left shoulder blade’s muscle. There was one more money grabbing stop paying about $70.00 unconsious buks for 17 gal gas. Bandits! Even better, I’m mutating about the house without the walking stick. Lookout tomorrow I’m feeling like putting a hurtin’ on some lost time….zzzzzzzzzz

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Paula said...

Glad you're using something to steady your walk. Take care, people care about you and Frieda.