Thursday, March 8, 2012

Solar flairs

Solar storms have supposedly knocked out power all over SE Michigan. This phenomena more serious than scientifically reported is being kept low key as not to cause a panic amongst the world‘s populace. This so weird, I don‘t know what to believe. There‘s already been repeated talk the Mayan calendar prediction may not be all that off base. While we’ve filled some extra water bottles here, I’m taking a conservative wait’n’see attitude about this extremely odd news. I may drag out the generator later and make sure its ready to run if need be. Might be a good idea to top off the farm’s fuel tanks. Suddenly the reality that a horse may very well come in handy?
A fun story:
For some background this story before she was Herr Clink, my Pet and myself married a little bit morn than a year we had gone square dancing. In the heat of probably our enjoyment a fourth or fifth round, Frieda fainted. Caught and brought to the side lines with the help a couple her very female friends and set in a booth for recovery, one of the ladies suggested she was pregnant the other lady concurring. My first words, this astonishing situation, “Good God. She’s pregnant? How’d that happen?”
Today’s late start. Neighbor was over first thing, his power’s off. Glad we didn't do that. His visit was a jinx we could have done without, cause while he was here our power went off as well. Calling Consumers power they explained they had a problem. Thousands were without power. Some I been told are blaming this much loss of power on the sun spots.
So power having gone off all over the area, I hit the road for Herr Mostess’s medications and my wanting to pay this last hay bill. All this ‘cause I figured the lights just might go off in the shop as well. Returning home backing into the prime driveway my household told me the lights had come on at that same time.
Lunch was cucumber sandwitches, cottage cheese, plus pairs I can’t have and orange juice that makes me sick just considering it. Then there was the tall glass milk making a good intermediate filling substitute.
And as it had worked out when I was negotiating my morning travels making my neighborhood rounds I was seriously thinking as while I had gasoline, when I got back home we could venture out and end the last half of the day splitting fire wood. No electrical power was needed for that. But as it had actually worked out because the power had come on, Fillip and I hit the Greene truck with all the imagination and gusto we could muster. Dropping Fillip off at the shop with another idea as to how to get those combined parts off I went to bank for reassurance our accounts were secure. Then stopped in at Crossroad’s district library still looking for written and pictured help for taking that complicated truck apart. The attempted research was for naught. I again found no useful information. By the time I got back put in some hours and my hitting my wall, Fillip called it time when he figured I had had-it.
Ah nuts, truthfully I’m tiring still more and I’m going to call an end to this tale while I’m still awake enough to post it.

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