Monday, March 5, 2012

Good Sleep’s….“BS-SOW”

Frieda and I both have had an excellent all nights sleep. No insomnia. Yesterday’s nippy all day’s fresh-air must have been my blissful’s doing. Fillip’s still out. So as of the moment we wont know how he’s done until….
Monday morning my relaxed a moment I’m finding the weekend news astonishing in a number of different veins on as many levels.
OMG, all the tornado storms throughout the middled eastern part of our whole continental country. Was reported one baby was picked up and deposited 350yds from her home in the middle of an expressway, the child was found in good shape. ???
Madonna of a grandmotherly age is courting marriage with a grown(?) man(?) of a legal grandson’s age. Talk about a Budding-Spring’s/Snowen-Over-Winter’s relationship? …. What I just write? Capitalized it comes out a “BS/SOW”ed attachment.
Oh, I can be so naughty………
Oh no, 9:00 Am is speedily catching up with me. I’d better be neglecting this blog thing, eat some breakfast, get out, hook up the wood splitter and make several piles firewood. Why? Our clear skied sunny day is supposed to remain well below freezing allele the day. A good time to cross a lawn without sinking. Yeah, yeah, yeah!!!???
Oh, lest I forget, Suzanne Somers of “thigh master” fame is biologically growing new garbanzos. Will medical medicals never cease!
Back to reality
Ground frozen solid enough while Fillip moved hay up’n’down the road and outback I took Ugly’s flotations tires and moved the wood splitter across the neighbors yard (without sinking nor making tracks) and split firewood. Ugly truck heap for all it could carry, The foyer firewood moved inside, Ugly’s load filled the foyer and half a pallet along side the deck. We’s looking warm wise for at least the next three weeks. Our weathering temperatures are expected climb into the unseasonable 50*‘s the next couple days. This don’t mean we’re out of the woods yet, but we’ve got a jump on this and next week’s reconstituted mud for awhile.
Seemingly caught up for this day’s moment we hit the road for the tractor battery I didn’t get to last Monday. By golly we made it this week without incident. Also stopped by the US Post Office for one them “If it fits, it ships box’s).
An hour late for my evening rattlers I guess it could be said I (we) had a good day. Right now, I can foretell and predict I’m going to sleep good tonight.

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Paula said...

My prayers go out to all those people who were in that terrible weather.