Saturday, March 3, 2012

3-3-2012 A couple things

Can’t make up my mind wheather I want to start righting my wrongs? (grin) That is weather I want to catch up a couple happenings in criminological order or just bust out saying damned if I know what came first, the first or the last. So without further orders here’s a couple observations…..
Near to our last driven leg home yesterday afternoon we stopped by a Chevy dealer in Millington and I purchased a right hand 1989 Chevy imferior door handle. Cheese’n’crackers I near pd $60.00 bucks for that assembled conglomeration of plastic parts. I’ve been looking at it….seeing how frail-y made the most impotent part of it is made. I’m seriously thinking I can improve upon making a homemade replacement part for what’s broken. I believe it unconscionable a part as a door handle may be allowed to be made so weakily this and bond and guaranteed to break. There aught to be a law!!!
Coming back on tract from my drift driving south an a then determined rain leaving Millington some miles behind from out of nowhere a bevy of flashing lights under a siren’s blaring startled an had Fillips juices just a near flowing. His startled comment, “What have I supposed to have done to be stopped?” as he was wheeling and breaking the Ugly truck over to the right shoulder of the road. The truck almost stopped, we were both somewhat relieved when that county Sherif’s car blew by us our seeing it making a left turn at the next intersection. Okay, we didn’t have a problem, but dreading the thought anyway, I realized somebody else had one. Fillip watching his mirror he’d seen bearing down on us more flashing lights (only the reds ones this time) of a fire engine. Then we had an idea for sure it was either a person’s life or property was in peril.
I can’t help it I get emotional with the lights and sounds every time I see and hear these emergency signs. I repeatedly shudder over again’n’again ever since we’d almost lost Fillip to a hit by a car accident when he was 8yrs old. It was some the same similar lights and sirens that had taken Fillip some many miles away from us for the medical help that had saved his life. Okay, this is my maudlin moment for today.
Along our own motored way a few more miles down that state road we detoured 3mi what had turned into a 6mi swing to see if we could see’r’spot some additionally needed hay.
Today! 3rd day of the current month.
Had a good night. I made my walk about the house security checks without even a single hint of unsteady roaming. I heard and listened to some sure enough howling winds blowing hard away at the house. Returning to bed for the sleeps last time when daylight had creep-ed in my window I was perfectly happy where I was. I was cozily wrapped in my blanket. Ignoring the daylight I slept some more. It was a while before I awoke later than the usual feeling yet better time. Opening but one eye I saw Her Mostess sitting close by watching me. Say-zooks, that was a scary thought! My intention was to get up’n’out early. Instead I asked her to throw another blanket over me. The kind soul that she is she did so. Well, it was a good idea anyway. Cocooned I listen to the house, the winds rolling boiling about it, the silence of the wood-stove. E-gads, the fire had burned out. Somebody had to stoop low enough to start it all over again. Yet, even Fillip was a late riser. So, laid where I was I sat around some more typing out a couple more instructive short stories this time. Well after 12:00 PM I fixed us a couple frozen wheeled-in meals. They weren’t to bad, but not like home cooked.
About finished with lunch.
Getting on into the day It was an obvious reminder the sanity of the inside woodpile we had better get out and bring some more in. What’s a better time when the deck’s dry and there’s two of us to do it. We’ve wood in enough to last us three/four days. Now it’s back to goofing off I am.
Wanting something different after supper Fillip made enough popcorn to share it with me. I managed a couple hand fulls, then when I wasn’t looking Her Mostess ate the rest of it. The honeymoon must most defiantly be over now.
Opps, failing to post this evening last, its now going on past 2:00 in the AM Sunday morning, or is it Saturday. I don’t know. How’s a degenerative mind supposed to keep up with an advancing calender I can’t keep up with.
Now then, if I’ve made any sense somebody please read this back to me in an understanding voice…..
Moving on because I can not sleep around the 2:00 AM clock hands I’m hitting the bottle. I opened me one them little samplers having come to me from cousin Gallo in California through a deniro trade at the loco supermarket. Well now, half fof it is gone and with some concerted effort I should be able to finish it off, of course with some concerted effort so’s I may get back to sleep freed of the worry the opened bottle could spoil. Nite-nite.....zzzzzzzzzzzz

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Paula said...

Glad those cops weren't after you two bad boys.