Friday, March 23, 2012

3-23-2012 Stuff did

Unloaded wood hauler piling adding it to that what was already near the house. Trimmed back some bushes the front of the house. Nuts, trimming back some bushes almost revealed a whole bag mortar mix damage to the stone foundation wall. Just what I needed, more work! Arrhhhhgggg….! Bagged up got rid of more yard trash. Ate lunch and went down to shop to wrestle with Greene truck. Another bolt or two missed, removed, and some hands on wrestling, my home made transmission jack strategically place under truck, that engine had continued to hang in there. That truck’s engine block it’s still held by one lousy centering pin. Nuts! My wall coming up slapping me one in the face and twice in my lower back it was quitting time whilst I was ahead of Fillip and out the door first! On this upper end of the road I let Fillip loose to feed the ladies here and the girls down the road. I came in for my rattlers and an ice pack on my lower back.
So tired of politicks, skipping the news, I settled into my chair tuned into a Disney channel for an animated movie about baby Tarzan. Such lovely art. The Disney artists absolutely amaze me. Beautiful, just so stupendously beautiful!
Showers last night, barnyard creek water filled, fields and grasses wet, showers forecast for the day, we cowardly opted for the shop and Greene truck workings.
At this moment it’s hard telling what we’ll be doing tomorrow. Forecasts call for more showers tonight and tomorrow. All else fails we’ve got that cussed stubborn engine to remove from Greene’s ugly grasp. Field preparations can wait one/two days if need be. There’s never an absence of something needing done around here.
Because this weather’s so unpredictable and as nice as it is I may even get into scrapping. Heaven knows there’s enough scrap around here to keep Fillip and I busy for a few days. One of them an intermediate full load semi precious metals: aluminum, copper and brass.
Supper over feeling otherwise whipped I’m seriously thinking bed.

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