Thursday, March 29, 2012

Some Hurts

All the pains and aches I ain’t experienced the last warm three weeks or so some of them have caught up with me this morning. Well almost all. Question: Can a body have a thigh muscle spasm? If so my right thigh was talking to me this morning from the time I got up right on through noon so far.
As it usually happens once a month; Juan come by, picked me up, and we went taking care our once bi-monthly discount shopping expedition. We made a good haul this morning. This was some timely coupon-ink bucks saving’s.
Backing the tractor up, Fillip and I finished most of our outback woodcutting. We’ve a couple fence posts to dig up, some wood chunks to split, a few limbs yet to pick up, the wood hauler to empty and stack, and the fuel oil tank only down ten gallons or so, and propane registering almost 50%; our household energy needs a looking good for the next year including all of next Winter.
Now we may be able to turn our attentions towards making fix these sorry trucks of mine; which, is rather timely to go along with the crappy rain and/or snow next five day forecasts.
Gosh it seems good to start catching up on things. I’ve even been thinking I may finally have the hobby time to work on my Quadra-cycle, and tractor bicycle racks.
Meanwhile I’m waiting to make the final illustrations colors.
Thankfully my plate isn’t any fuller!
Lunch scarcely over Fillip made arrangements with his uncle to transport and fix a broken hay ring. Egads, it took them all of five hours to “get ‘er done.” That included fillip even filling it with hay. Of-course I also did my part. Loaded down with a indescribable host of limb, body and head pains I opted to stay out of all the working classes my taking a horizontal nap. I must have needed it for it was hours later when I returned to the sunshine pleasantness of Frieda‘s smiles.
His mother and I delighted with the return of out prodigal son we anxiously awaited one of his fine suppers. Suspicious we gut, hie mother and myself when we smelled some very interesting smells waifing throughout the house. We knew I’d be good when it got here. However suspicious upon his mother’s and my own parts when he appeared with but only a plated morsel for himself into wit he indulged himself alone. Desperate I immediately took command. Found a pair of shears and cut open a package of raisin bran for Her Mostess and myself. Frieda’s I fixed straight up drowned in Milk alone. Mine I added more raisins and sprinkled with a couple extra packets sugar. I’d be but a wee bit later I’d delay slinking into bed for a pork steak sandwich. Was good, worth the extra meal. Oh Lawd I’m putting on the weight tonight. Ice-cream gone I’ settled for a Wintergreen Lifesaver for dessert.

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