Wednesday, March 14, 2012

3-14-2012 Her Mostess’s Birthday T-Day

Holy Smokes, the boss lady’s as old as I‘m today. Yeah, yeah, yeah; I don’t know how many folks had told me I had better take her out for well deserved dinner. Whelp, She’s lucky I got her out for an early dawn breakfast. Good time to go it was. Had our choices the best seats in the “Coney Island” beanery restaurante.
….[The name Coney Island came to Flint some many years ago with some Greeks perhaps having passed through Coney Island, N.Y. Okay it‘s said the 1st Coney‘s were born in Detroit. That may be but then they showed up in Jackson, and Flint; the traditional immigrant restaurant was serving America‘s truly 1st fast food restaurante fare. A coney dog, fresh fries, and a soda ordered up and served in less than 6 min.]….
Starting out in the home yard Ugly’s engine compartment was thoroughly surveyed before start up. On start-up Ugly behaved flawlessly. Next stop since we had wheels running again we went for trying to pay for recent hay 2nd‘s hay payment settlements. In the shop working over Greene’s engine the new Craftsman universal wrenches didn’t work exactly as they were honked too. Yet we’ll keep them and give them a fair chance during their futures .What the Hell. They are lifetime guaranteed! What worked best was the particularly went after the 6 point 13mm combination wrench did it just as it was supposed to do. I removed that last stubbornly rounded off bolt so buried between the engine bock and floor board just as easily as if we had been looking at it ti get it done. (grin)
We managed to hit the Crossroads for a neighbor’s chainsaw parts and some milk and stuff for ourselves. The chainsaw fixed it was delivered after I had hit my wall. Then it was on home my laying down for a spell and Fillip doing the chores, laundry, and making supper. After that when all were listed alive and functional it had turned into an absolutely boring evening. Then it felt oh so just good going to bed.

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Paula said...

Happy birthday to Her Mostess and many many more.