Sunday, March 11, 2012


Yup, seams I’ve missed making my usual daily journal entry evening last. But I’ve a got an excuse I’ve been working on for several moments before picking up and laying the keyboard on my lap. Here goes……
Coming in evening last I dove straight for my recliner and the computer and got on-line for more tools. Darn it, I had just gotten another three drawer adding (on if preferred) and its filled with tools already. Now I’ve located some more and must hit the road for the far side of Flint for some more tools so’s we may finish taking engine out of Greene truck. And, I ask myself where will it end???
Sunny and oh so breezy this AM. Cold cereal drowned in milk, Fillip and I were on our way, Sneak driving this Saturday’s traffic. 35 miles one-way having to even backtrack between Harbor Freight and Sears these two places our only three stops we got the strap wrench and socket drive extensions. places our. With discounts, coupons, and a broken socket wrench exchange we saved over 35% on the needed tool purchases today. When we’ve caught up with the day’s chores we’ll be back at the Greene truck again. So very close to having it lift ready I hope we get it out by tomorrow night, wishful thinking aside.
Good gosh Hilda, Gasoline prices near going thru the roof again, after a mid week $0.30 drop. Weather seemingly warming up, it wont be long, I’ll be wanting to get my Cushman out again. Not only a fun drive it is also more economical then the Ugly truck. More later…
……it’s later. Much later, and I didn’t have a chance completing this entry. So here I go (come) late again. About the time I was ready to settle in Bro’ calls, (paraphrasing him, “All my fences are dead or down. Alright, redress and have him come and get us. We were without big time any transportation what so ever.
Fillip having gone down the road to feed the bred heifer’s, on his way back the 4020JD quit right n the roads middle on his way back. Testing this’n’that we found the fuel pump had quit. Okay so I come home for two strap to pull him home. Got him in the yard. We’d decided we go work on Greene truck for an hour or two, whatever time we could get in. Ugly quit. Durn truck had decided it was going to go again either quitting ti the middle of the road about the same place the JD had also quit. This time it was fuel filter AND the fuel pump. This required another tow using the only rolling machine left, the 1850 Ollie we’d just put the battery in and brought home the other day. Rather than turn Ugly around Fillip choose to steer it backwards. While I watched ahead where we were going Fillip sat in backwards Ugly truck watching back where we’d been. Once Ugly was in the yard, rather than totally waste what was let of the afternoon, we got out the splitter and split what needed splitting to full fill my part o the deal bring home some of the neighbor’s firewood. When it had gotten late enough we’d come home, put the machinery away and looked forward to supper. That was when coming into house thinking about the supper still unmade that’s when Bro’s call come in. (nuts!) We didn’t end the evening with the fences just barely working until well after dark. It was three cans (my emergency grub) tamales split three was for supper simply followed with chocolate ice-cream.
Now, as for today, the weather’s much improved. I started out of the house in my shirt sleeves with a coating of frost on everything. Warm sun, no winds, and lots to do. Ugly not going anywhere, Sneak still pounding his ear (beauty sleep?) I went it alone. I uncovered the Cushman. Used WD45 to gingerly tow it out of its winter parking place. Had it and the WD45 gassed it about the time Fillip showed. The Cushman with a charger on it. I went to start the Ford loader-digger. Found battery dead. The Cushman tinkered with for a moment it started. Then took that charger and put it on the Ford. Before I was done the ford’s battery was found to be shot. (wonderful, just freaking wonderful. It needs one them new batteries I had just purchased a couple weeks ago.
In our morning’s continued communications Bro’ had found where one of the troops had closed a wire gate wrong shorting out the whole electrical fence system. I’ll not repeat here all the nasty words (Mom had forbade me using) what had crossed my mind in my description this DA finding.
It’s past noon (daylight savings time) my belly’s full of beans and franks. It’s time to take the Cushman out on the road. Here’s even wishing me-self luck this wild idea adventuring.
Home at dark-thirty we had our fun feeding our ladies. With the forks for the Ford loader-digger missing we got imaginative so’s to move the bales. Again I’ve got my idea as how and where they have went?
Stooping to use the 1850g what hd the high-lift on it we commenced to go out back taking the Ford with us. It took us a while to set out four bales. One from the hay yard, the other three salvage off a hay wagon load. That darned gas Ollie gave me a time keeping it running a kinked fuel line messing with me. Then when I had figured out the fuel line problem methinks a fuel filter had then plugged. (fun, fun, fun) Managing to finish dropping the last bale out back we then towed it home.
My let knee and right ankle, each of them, acting up both of them taking turns acting as if one of them was to let me down momentarily I gave it up just before dark. “Sides it was at least an hour bast ,y rattler downing time. I left Fillip to tidy out trash for tomorrows pick-up.
Supper was some crazy looking pasta noodles the likes I ain’t seen before with some bits of tenderloin steak left over from night before last. (yum) Dessert was some thing number three daughter brought us, a pumpkin-cream cheese roll. Was exceptionally tasty. Likely something leftover from her Holiday’s cooking up good things. So here it is a crash stuffing the last three days all into one writing. Sheesh, first day daylight savings time as about whooped me good.

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