Wednesday, March 21, 2012

3-20-2012 Mixed day’s Fun

Okay, I forgot last night’s journal entry. I’d sue myself save for two very convincing reasons. (one) I can’t afford either the free 1st 1/2hr council fee and court filing fee. (second) I haven‘t the time to take on a case where there‘s no sure indication I‘ll ever collect my fee. And, pro bone is already out (no part) of the question.
Started my day copping a ride into Clio on Juan’s gas. All part of an unrecorded trade of need) Got back with my oil, and making two extra quick stops while making our combined otherwise shopping trip.
Fillip had changed forage choppers bad tire for a better one. I was rat finked upon and still going with the flow we brought home my OA gas outfit for future use if not immediate.
The Cushman custom implemented, I showed Fillip how the Cushman rolls up electric fence wire. Did this to clear the way for dropping some heavy limbs on a fence cleared area. Fence needed removing regardless for hay baling during the next few weeks.
Chores managed earlier Fillip and I went to trimming pasture trees for an opening exercise. Now I can get under three more trees without those low swinging limbs unable to either knock off a exhaust pipe or more importantly knocking me off my seat. The added clearance will also save a lot of limb scrapping haying and other implements being scrapped upon or knocked about. Hey, second best part this exercise we’ve cut us another half a wood hauler load of burr oak firewood.
Wood slitter has refused to start. Nuts. 1st time in its 12yr life. So that’ll need so TLC tomorrow (which is already today. I’ll even be doing it in yesterday’s clothes.
Well, this about covers it for another fun filled Shorthorn country day. No calve yet right her but we’re watching with nigh hopes.

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