Sunday, March 4, 2012

A Snappy Sunny Sunday

Had some delightfully freezing temperatures descend upon us over night. Was nice walking and driving on something crispy rather than sinking and sliding for a change. Of-course this luxury wasn’t going to last for long. Weather guesser predicted warmer afternoon temps.
Mounting up the 4020JD I took it to the dairy for the last head on push to bring home what hay rejects remained. As it turned out today’s two loads were the last I’d bring home from yonder dairy farm. The west pasture now hosting two more loaded wagons baring 16 more bales it could be I’ve enough hay to just squeak into April.
The afternoon we’d been seen time spent on the shop apron replacing blow tire with the new one. Not to hard a job with hand tools, only time consuming.
Returning home I fueled the 4020, topping the gas tank off again making it good to go for another week. Supposed to be freezing cold again come morning. Thinking to get out early while ground’s crispy so’s not to rut up a neighbors lawn. He’s some dried wood to split as long as we do it on shares. That works for me (the both of us).
All in all it sure felt good getting out putting in a productive day. Even at that my productivity may be short lived having already spent to much money of replacement parts, leaving me short replacement parts needed to keep shop efforts moving right on along. Could be may have do a bit of farm yard scrapping to keep repair projects moving along to completion. The cussed energy costs are killing me, figuratively specking. This all the adventures fr today it may that time to close whilst I’m ahead.

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