Friday, March 16, 2012

Our Share Storms.

Heavy rains deluged our area missing my corner of Shorthorn country.
High winds knocked some buildings off their foundations around Lapeer Mi just a few mile ESE of us.
Tornado hit Dexter, Mi. at a dizzy crow’s flight 70mi SSE of us damaging a reported dozens of or 172 homes.
Several more tornadoes were sighted throughout our area.
Michigan’s not immune to such heavy storms. Been lucky no serious personal injuries reported.
While we been enjoying some very unusual 70's and 80's temperature our grasses are just starting to stir.
Another week or two drying weather I should be rolling up electric fences. I cut and about 80% of this place before turning our ladies out on those grounds. It's been about a decade since I've started making two three weeks before Memorial day most of Michigan's traditional haying season's start.
Made an engine lift bracket for ‘98 Greene Chevy and installed looks like it work for our lifting engine out of truck.
Having set down to enjoy lunch I jumped right on my ‘puter, wrote the last line, and immediately forgot what I was going to write next. The GD aging process sucks if I haven’t already mentioned it before!
For a moment’s hesitation I’m going to back-up my doctor’s consultation what ate up yesterday’s afternoon. When we were finishing up my appointment he told me, “You’ve got to slow down putting in a shorter workday, fewer hours.”
“What the?” I was thinking to my self. “I’ve already given up even short sprints if I want to catch a calf or head off a cow.” Gosh I’ve already started innovating another batch of rearview mirrors to eliminate 80% of the twisting on these tractor seats to look back for whatever whom may be behind me or even simplifying it further looking to see where I’d been.
So much for catching up.
Afternoon saw us tree trimming. Bro’ running to Bay City figured he’d be back late. So we did his chores in time for him to come home the same late hour I was an hour late taking my rattlers. Another calf has been born today.
Of-course it wont be official until he’s sees it. (grin) and, that’s the way it is some days in Shorthorn country. Going on our supper time we still ad our chores to do and this is one them nights we feed these Ladies for two days. A proper bay up here right behind the barn, three more seconds out on the old filled in railroad borrow pit. These maters taken care of the rest of the evenings’ be mine to try and sooth some of my aching joints and muscles. Slow to make up my mind as to whether I wanted to use ice or heat I choose to decide that question when I got back in.
Weather here is ridiculously warm (hot really). We all worked up a good sweat. It all boils down to what we didn’t finish today we work at them jobs tomorrow. Makes for job security regardless how bad the pay is. (Grin) Lawd, If I won the lottery I’d farm until it was all gone.

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