Monday, March 19, 2012

Last Full Day Winter

Before I was even up for the day today’s SW Mi temps were predicted to rise into the 80*’s. That’s twice the average for this time of year normal 40* temps.
The morning’s come and gone. Been to Sixguy’s elevator for a load shelled corn. Have gone around the block for weigh slip from second elevator. Did it with on an open station 1850 Ollie enjoying the ride all the way around.
Checking our feed lots here the ladies must have stayed up all night hiding everything we had given them day before last.
Weather’s so warm, the ladies seem to be off their feed. I’m thinking given them three bales every other day here. As precious as the hay is, it must last until after I have seen enough new hay cut and baled before turning them out to Summer’s pastures.
Having lunch early we be off with Cushman with mini implement trailer in tow. My thought is to bring back the pallet box for Fillip’s riding up into the fence line trees for cutting (pruning) either back or higher clearances. Later….
No that it is later…..
The day had continued purposely and continually in good fashion. Finances around here at a pitiful bottoming out level I thought perhaps Fillip and I could ready that dreadful old machine what had crippled bro back in 1989 for travel. One way travel that is to the scrap yard. We scrounged and stole wheels and tires from here’n’there about the farms. Almost ready for travel I want one more part off the machine, the tongue jack. Can use it on something else. While we’d been running the roads we’d also picked up the pallet safety box what carry’s the wood cutter aloft when I’m at the loader tractor’s controls. we’ve got a lot of windrow pruning back what needs doing.
Worst part of the day was that hour or those brief minutes I inevitably hit when I gee-gee out hitting my wall. Just when we started our chores rat here.
So looks like Sneak and I’ll be ready for some heavy work done tomorrow when I return with some Hydraulic oil.

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