Monday, March 12, 2012

From behind….

.…we worked at it all day. Just one flipping bolt left between us and lifting the Greene’s defunct engine out. We’ve just one colossal problem wit that single bolt… Me things generous motors has take to using substandard bolts and running them up just as tight as they possibly muster to put these transportation machines together. I don’t know nor remember how many bolts their heads were rounded off trying to loosen then remove them were necessary. Every other day or so as I live and breath this cussed Greene truck requires another wrench we ain’t got. It’s enough for a body to resort to pulling his hair out. Which can be bad as I’ve lost quite a bit of my semi-precious hair lately.
Oh okay, back to the main event. Making some several phone calls around our 10mi. Immediate area there wasn’t a 13mm 6 point combination wrench to be had. This would mean if I could get to Sears come morning I may just buy another precious wrench. (Nuts!)
Meany while, back home stood three idol machines. So gathering up our tools, what parts and materials we had to work with we headed home. Taking two fuel filters off the Ollie. I blew them out which had helped that old tractor run better for awhile our having to nurse it back home the last 1/8th mi, the kill-joy. While I played with the Ollie, Fillip installed an electric fuel pump on the Ugly truck. Well while it seemed like we had made some headway, we’ll see what I’ve got to do-it to the Ollie tomorrow (again?). As for the JD, it’s fuel pump is supposed to be in tomorrow.
So it is we wok one day at a time. We experience one disappointment and made a 1 & ½ repair. And looking forward to making more progress’s tomorrow.
So here it is one more day passed under our belts.

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