Thursday, March 15, 2012

Id’s of March….

….Whatever that means? Frieda says that was the day our Roman taxes were due! That’s ridicules I haven’t done any roman for years.
However, over the years where my Frieda’s had my attentions my been biologically bi-international having Roman hands and Russian fingers where she’s totally all over concerned.
Frieda continues to laugh at me. I get no respect. Driving the Cushman these days I got to sneezing so long, so hard, the other day, I told Herr Mostess my sneezes had actually the Cushman backwards down the road against it’s will. She thinks that’s funny. I didn’t at the time.
Bro’ got troubles with the new ultra baby calf. I guess Fillip’s going to go down and help his uncle out. I told Fillip the calf likely isn’t coming to his uncle when he walks into the barn with a supplement calf bottle. I told Fillip he’ll likely have to get down on all fours and show that calf how its done. Frieda laughed. I get no respect!
I laid out, cut the main beam to size, found a couple “U” bolts and left the parts for Fillip to temporarily attach to the Greene trucks torsion bars to hold up the transmission when we remove the engine. Did locate a piece angle iron for making another lifting ring to bolt to engine for engine’s removal.
Then it was time I boarded Bro’s van his delivering Tom and I to our afternoon medical appointments. Leaving Fillip behind this trip around to the other side of Flint.
My appointment kept my doctor and I talked. Medication is a waste of time under my observation. More tests indicated more pinched nerves in my elbows, wrists, and neck. Taking no more medications (additional) he’d handed me a written script for physical therapy. Unless she’s pretty I ain’t gonna enjoy it. Damn, the whole afternoon was shot. Too what’s left of it, tried pulling the prior-ally mentioned Ford loader out of the mud. Nuts, we moved alright making 2 pieces out of the what was an original spindle-kingpin.
Oh boy, received mail my book’s illustrator had at long last gotten all the illustrations correctly drawn. Next step will require my approval illustrations colorings.
Just freaking grand. Another most of the day satisfying medical practitioners and having to also pay for their privileges. On top this our family’s primary care giver wants to see to talk over everything I already know. Well…..he is a good audience for my joking around. This reminds me, I better be making up another story.
Opps, four evenings ago took this snap where in there are about nine’r’ten’r’more deer near yonder fence line.
Picture was snapped from our wood splitting area some days ago.
This shot of three day old baby calf in an upper barn’s stall. Cute eh! The first for the 2012 model year.

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