Sunday, March 18, 2012


Yesterday’s pictured firewood has been identified by a very knowledgeable winemaker. Not me.
The winemaker, he knows this wood. Now to offer a definitive piece of evidence as to its kind I had neglected to snap pic of one it's limbs.
It is from this tree I have harvested and saved bits and pieces its roots for the brewing of sassafras tea. Some folks have harvested green leaves and dried them for tea leaves. The root-beer soda was originally made from sassafras extracts.
I've no idea how many hundreds 5"-6"-8" sassafras finished logs I had skinned, with a slip'r'spoke shave, fur dear old dad. Stood them in a 55gal barrel and pour in 50/50 creosote/diesel fuel oils to soak for a week'r'two or until fence post used. I also remember all the posts their holes I had also emptied by hand to half them shaved’n’soaked posts in for burials. Once set for fences they lasted for years'n'years.
I also remember the sassafras firewood. an extremely fast burner capable turning the old Round Oak parlor-stove'n'stove-pipe some cherry reds. This was a dandy wood for pushing the envelope to purposely ignite a creosote lined chimney fire to burn it out on a handily snow covered house and otherwise snowen over dry farm yard.
Here’s my lifting a glass of wine to TB……
As for today it merely turned out ho-hum. Carrying that thought still further I believe I’ll hitch a ride with a neighbor Tuesday for more loader-digger hydraulic oil. What the need’s rise is from my trying to clear and open a clear path around some 5’r’6 dirt piles for some serious earth moving whilst I’ve got the pre-blossoming extravaganza and the inevitable earth dry into solidly caked concrete like substances.
Perhaps we’ll take tomorrow off from all the other regularly scheduled activities and frighten the Greene truck so badly it’ll cough up its engine? Hey yeah, and just watch somebody’ll come along and botch up that idea for me!
P.S. Holy wizardry, posting his evening is it either in or on time. Regardless, it has been posted.

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